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Minimum price to show up at a job is 100.00 - that is a 50.00 show up fee and 1 hour of work

* Ceiling fans pricing: below 12' is 100.00 and above 12' is 150.00 (only for replacement of existing)

​* Adding a ceiling fan or light with a switch is 200.00

​* Faucet installation is 100.00, but customer will pay for new supply lines (if need)

​*Replacing parts in the toilet or replacing toilet 150.00  (customer pay for parts around 60.00)

​* Sink installation is 200.00 plus cost of new baskets (price for standard sink)

​* Garbage disposals 100.00, doesn't include new electrical cord

​* Dishwasher installed is 150.00, that if there is existing: electric, water lines, and drain line

* Vent less microwave installed is 150.00 or changing overhead hood to microwave is 200.00

​* TV Mounting with NOT concealing the wires or moving electric 150.00

​* TV Mounting with concealing the wires and moving electric 250.00

​*Drywall patching prices vary, but it's based on 3 trip price minimum price 300.00 

​* Interior doors with casing is 200.00 (plus the cost of the material)

​* Trim work prices vary, but 40' linear feet is about 100.00 (plus the cost of the material)

*Pressure Washing house 200.00

​* Caulking bath tub or shower is 150.00

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The company mission is to provide the client with insight and information that will enable them to make sound decisions. Whether you are doing general contracting, renovating a home, or handyman service, it is my mission to assist you with the specifics of the property.


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We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid, quality handiwork every time. 

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